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Japan Study Tour – Tokyo and Home

Posted July 25, 2017.

Japan Study Tour – Tokyo and Home

After three hours on the Shinkansen, we arrived in the crowded station of Tokyo. Shortly afterward, we went to the Aquarium to watch a dolphin show. The dolphins amazed us (and wet us, too) with all the tricks they can do, from jumping out of water to swimming across the tank with the trainers on their backs.

The next day, we all received a warm welcome from the Professors and Students from the University of Tokyo. They showed us around the campus and talked about student life there. After leaving the University, we went to Shibuya for shopping. It was very busy but we had a lot of fun. We also saw the statue of the famous dog of Japan, Hachiko. Hachiko was famous for waiting perseveringly for the return of his deceased owner for more than nine years, his statue is held up in Japanese culture as an example of loyalty and fidelity.

On our last day in Tokyo, we went out for Karaoke before leaving for Narita Airport. We had a lot of fun and we really did enjoy ourselves while we were there. It was sad that we have to leave Japan but at the same time, we were really happy and excited to come back home again. Although we only spent two weeks in Japan, we made a lot of friends and many wonderful memories. We will keep in contact with our new friends and hope that we will see each other again when we visit Japan in the future or when they come to visit Australia.