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Inter Schools Primary Tennis Competition Reports

Posted March 2, 2018.

Inter Schools Primary Tennis Competition Reports

Our Middle School students enjoy various opportunities to participate in sports competitions across the regional area. These opportunities not only provide students with valuable experience in developing and mastering their skills; they provide a wonderful context in which to represent their school.

Recently, students Jack Cowan and Zachary Spencer (Year 6) and Samuel Sutton and William Reid (Year 5), represented Clarendon at the Inter Schools Primary Tennis Competition. Below, Zachary and William recount their experiences.

Zachary Spencer, Year 6

Last week, Samuel Sutton, William Reid, Jack Cowan and I competed in the Inter Schools Primary Tennis Competition. It was an outstanding opportunity to enjoy the company of other students from all over the region of Ballarat playing the ‘great game of tennis’.

Jack and I were doubles partners. The wind was strong, which made hitting the ball challenging at times. We won six out of eight matches and we made it through to Finals. However, little did we know, we were to play against an amazing team from Buninyong, Jarrod and Braydon. They practise tennis every day and they wiped us off the court!

Overall, I am proud of our achievements on the day and we very much enjoyed the event and representing Clarendon.

William Reid Year 5

Jack Cowan, Zachary Spencer, Samuel Sutton, Will Reid and Mrs Webb travelled to the Ballarat Regional Tennis Centre to play in the Inter Schools Primary Tennis Competition. There were 40 different schools from around the Ballarat region.

Jack and Zachary were in the BCC Red team, while Samuel and I made up the BCC Black team. Everyone arrived at 9 o’clock and were very excited to play some tennis.

Overall, BCC Black came in 4th place and BCC Red came in 7th place.

Clarendon showed great sportsmanship throughout the matches played and we had a great time together. We hope to win next year!