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from the principal

Posted September 26, 2011.

from the principal

Welcome to the first entry in our latest communication strategy. Technology has turned our world on its ears, and I am keen to keep the world informed about what we do here at Ballarat Clarendon College. Responsibility for this will be shared with my colleagues, as we give readers insight into the workings of this dynamic place.

Education at Clarendon is based upon five principles: working with passion, daring to take risks, having clear goals, acknowledging the past without living in it, and enjoying what we do. In our communication we seek to be open, trustworthy and honest.

We exist for the sake of the students who attend this school. We are proud of what we achieve working in partnership with our school families and their children, and are pleased to share this with you by creating this blog – a way which is different to other already existing methods of communication.

Last Friday evening was a special occasion when a multi-generational group of people gathered at school. They were either present or past students, present or past parents, or friends of Ballarat Clarendon College.

The Hon Catherine King MP, Federal Member for Ballarat, opened the Darrell J Fraser Library on the Sturt Street campus. This facility is a magnificent addition to the infrastructure that Clarendon provides for its students, to support and enhance the teaching and learning program.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chair of the school’s Board of Directors, Rowena Coutts, said,

Increasingly, economic commentators are speaking of the movement in the Australian economy from traditional manufacturing to one of knowledge … To do so means we need a highly educated and skilled workforce which calls for continuing investment in our most precious asset – our children, and their education and, in turn, our educational infrastructure. As educators, this school has long reflected the desire to assist with building a knowledge economy through promotion of skills and academic excellence… and commitment to a contemporary and innovative school, which is reflected in our learning and physical environments.</em>

Darrell John Fraser entered Ballarat College from Waubra State School in 1953 to commence Form 1 (Year 7) as a boarder. During the next six years he distinguished himself in all aspects of school life, and in his graduation year in 1959 he was School Captain, Captain of Henderson, Captains of Athletics and Football, Cadet Under Officer and won numerous prizes.

He went on to study law at the University of Melbourne, played most inter-collegiate sports, university football, and graduated with distinction. He was admitted to partnership with Fraser, Nevett & Frawley in May 1968.

Darrell joined the Ballarat College Council in 1969, and was a founding member of the Board of Ballarat & Clarendon College, including being the Chair from 1995-2000. He retired from the Board in 2005 after 37 years of service and 52 years after entering the front gate at the age of 11.

The 2011 Board members could not think of anyone more worthy of having our new library named in their honour. If you have not had the opportunity to inspect this new facility then, if it is possible, I encourage you to do so. It will enhance the learning journey of Ballarat Clarendon College students for many years to come.

One constant of this school is change! We always are reflecting and planning so as to do things even better. So welcome to the Clarendon Blog!

David Shepherd