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from the head of Senior School

Posted October 31, 2011.

from the head of Senior School

I sit here in my office late on Friday evening, reflecting on the first week back in Term 4. Even although one is keen to head home, this can be the best time to write something such as this, as there are no interruptions – all I hear is the hum of the appliance that Tracey our cleaner is operating in the background.

As I said to the students in Assembly today, the holidays are a distant memory now. When did we come back from Queensland? That is right – just before the grand final (which very sadly my team lost!) How long ago that seems.

Much has happened since then. I attended a Senior Staff Conference for three days and then four days of fantastic staff professional development, and then I was glad to have the students back with us. They have returned with such energy!

This time is the most exciting time of the year for me as we head towards the very exciting Graduation Week. I really feel that Clarendon does its graduation in a superb manner, where each student is genuinely congratulated in a range of events for completing their final year of secondary schooling.

This year it will be especially emotional for my wife and I as our last child of four (18yo Tom) will be one of the graduates. He has spent 13 years in the school and he is part of a special group who have spent all of their school years at Clarendon. As parents we could not be prouder of the school, and what it has done for all of our four kids. The three older ones are well on their way in life and have almost finished their university careers.

Having been actively involved in the last 13 Graduation Weeks, new families have much to look forward to and are asked to make sure they have their hankies with them.

In my next blog I will give a personal reflection of the week as a parent and then we all get ready for the examinations!

David Parker
Head of Senior School