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Clarendon King Island students reach the Tonne

Posted June 20, 2013.

Clarendon King Island students reach the Tonne

Students from Ballarat Clarendon College this week have reached their collective target goal of removing one tonne of plastic waste from the island’s beaches.

For the past year students have been involved in the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, a campaign spearheaded by Tangaroa Blue Foundation.  The Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation focussed on the health of our marine environment, alongside staff at BCC, has been instrumental in raising awareness of marine debris.  Debris collected is collated and then added to a national database as a way of tracking where debris is coming from to work on practical solutions and source reduction plans.

one tonne


Students this term have been nothing short of phenomenal, removing 720 kilograms of predominantly plastic waste from our coastlines.  Students are often confronted by the amounts of rubbish washing up on our pristine beaches, and finding litter from as far away as Argentina has opened student’s eyes to this global problem.

“It feels good to give something back to a community that has been so accepting of us”, one student said, with other students vowing never to walk past litter again after seeing a seal tangled in rope.



Check out for more info, or contact Michael at Clarendon College to get involved with their clean-up days.