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Clarendon Checkmate – Chess Club 2013

Posted May 31, 2013.

Clarendon Checkmate – Chess Club 2013

Chess Club is proving to be even more popular again in 2013. In Terms 1 and 2 so far this year, we have seen 52 students participate in the college’s Chess program. The strength of our playing group was crystallised earlier this Term, on May 9, when Clarendon College hosted the regional interschool Chess tournament. 80 students from around the region participated and Clarendon won all 3 divisions; Primary, Middle Years and Open Secondary. We won the Open Secondary by a half point – Chris ’The Rook’ Darveniza won his last game on board 1 to secure victory! We have now qualified to enter a team of 5 students in each division, for the Victorian State finals to be held later this year in Term 4. Our next major tournament will be in Term 3, where we go to Ballarat Grammar to contest another regional tournament, if we are successful there, we can take an additional 5 players for the relevant division.

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Chess Club is held once a week and the students participate in at least two interschool tournaments leading to State Finals. During the weekly sessions, the students start with a Chess lesson delivered by the chess coach which involves posing a chess problem or a demonstration of a famous game. Following the formal lesson, the students will then put their learning into practice, playing chess under tournament conditions. A regular attendee, Angus Blenkiron thinks “it is fun and different to my other sports such as tennis”. Chris Darveniza likes, “participating for the strategy and it is good for socialising”.

Clarendon is always looking for new ways for its students to get a sense of achievement, whatever their strengths and aspirations, and it is hoped that these will be experiences that will further build the students into well rounded individuals ready to achieve something great in the real world.