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Celebrating a Shared History

Posted June 21, 2017.

Celebrating a Shared History


Ballarat Clarendon College is proud of our long standing history with both the Presbyterian Church and the Uniting Church. This month marks a significant milestone for the Uniting Church as it celebrates the 40th Anniversary of its inauguration in Australia. As a school, Clarendon also marks a milestone in July when we celebrate the anniversary of the school’s founding 153 years ago.

To celebrate and recognise these milestones in our shared history, recent Chapel services for students have focused on our school’s remarkable heritage and our original links to the Presbyterian Church and more recently, the Uniting Church. Exploration of these links has been an enriching experience for students as they learn and understand the role the church plays in our history and in our community, in particular regional and remote parts of Australia.

This past Sunday, our Boarders enjoyed a special Chapel service where we welcomed Dan McAloon, the Relationships Manager of the Frontier Services division of the Uniting Church. Frontier Services plays an important role in remote areas of Australia, in both a Pastoral capacity and in the role of connecting people who live in isolation due to location, particularly Indigenous communities, isolated properties and mining areas.

The Boarders learned of local links between Frontier Services and Ballarat and came to understand the shared sense of community building that remains an important aspect of the work of the Uniting Church and associated entities. Dan presented a book for the school Library detailing the history and fortunes of Frontier Services and this was graciously accepted by Tom McClelland, a Boys Boarding House Student Leader.