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Science Centre Time-lapse Video

Posted May 8, 2014.

After nearly three years of investigation, consultation, planning, briefing of architects, applying for building permits, and seeking VCAT approval, the biggest building project in the modern history of Clarendon – a new Science Centre has commenced.

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Two Clarendon students excel in Japanese Speech Contest

Posted April 2, 2014.

Last year Brenton Shalders and Sarah Wynen then in Year 11  won the City of Ballarat Japanese Speech Contest The prize included a trip to Japan Trip

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Mother Daughter weekend at Girls Boarding House

Posted March 31, 2014.

The Girls Boarding House hosted a very successful Mother/Daughter weekend last week.

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From the 2014 Captains of Boats – BAS Head of the Lake fast approaching!

Posted February 27, 2014.

The lead up to this year’s Head of the Lake regatta has allowed the unique culture and atmosphere of the Ballarat Clarendon College rowing community to flourish.

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Andrew McDougall Dux 2013

Posted February 25, 2014.

As Dux of the School last year and a representative of the 156 students who completed year 12 I am proud to be given the opportunity to address you today. I will do my best to provide any help I can to those of you approaching your final years of school education, as well as sharing some of my experiences throughout my time at Clarendon College. Unfortunately most of them are clichés that we have all heard before but as you will come to realise, they are said so often for a reason: they work. My first unoriginal tip is to maintain balance between school and the other aspects of your life, whatever these may be. I have been a competitive swimmer for 11 years, training 6 sessions each week and often waking up at 10 pass 5 to attend training. Due to its time consuming nature, I decided to go on take a break at the start of September with the idea that it will give me more time to study and sleep and will be beneficial for my results. While the effect of this on my results can’t be measured, I can say with absolute certainty that it made my final few months at school less enjoyable. I felt like I had less energy, was more moody, had less escapes from the high demands of school, and as a result became more stressed. I have realised that eliminating all other important activities places more importance in your mind about your school results. This made SACs, assessments, and my final exams much more stressful and unpleasant. Ultimately, make time for fun and other things just for the sake of your own sanity. We are only human and can only allocate so much time to schooling. The next tip is to create a good relationship with your teachers – they are the biggest assets you have. It is not a coincidence that Clarendon College gets some of the best results in the state; the teachers I have had during my time at College from year 7 to year 12 have been some of the most passionate, determined and helpful people in my life and truly are inspirations. They will always make time for you and even harass you about homework or work ethic in order to get the best out of you. So make sure you return the favour and reciprocate the hard work that they demonstrate each and every day. Feel free to approach them with any questions, whether they be big or small and they will be willing to help, they will want to help and even be upset if you don’t ask them. We are so privileged to have such great teachers and you should all take advantage of their knowledge and expertise.

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