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Fees & Policies


Please click the link below to view Domestic Fee Schedule for 2021 (printable)

Domestic Fee Notice 2021 (pdf)

Click the link below to view Overseas Fee Schedule for 2021 (printable)

International Fee Notice 2021 (pdf)

Policies Relevant to Enrolments

  1. Enrolment Policy (pdf)
  2. ELC Enrolment Policy (pdf)
  3. Child Safety Framework (pdf)
  4. Child Safety Code of Conduct (pdf)
  5. Child Safety Reporting policy (pdf)
  6. Child Safety Reporting Procedure (pdf)
  7. Staff and Student Professional Boundaries (pdf)
  8. International Student Admissions Handbook (pdf)
  9. International Student Refund Policy (pdf)
  10. International Students Complaints Handling Policy (pdf)
  11. International Students Complaints Appeal Policy (pdf)
  12. Student Attendance Policy (pdf)
  13. Younger International Students Accommodation Arrangements Policy (pdf)
  14. Medication Administration Policy (pdf)
  15. Notebook Computer Protocol (pdf)
  16. Student Electronic Communication Policy (pdf)
  17. Privacy Policy (pdf)
  18. Respectful Behaviour Policy (pdf)
  19. Student Homework Policy (pdf)
  20. Progress and Promotion Policy (pdf)
  21. Conveyance Allowance Policy (Victorian Government) (pdf)
  22. Credit Reporting Policy (pdf)
  23. Complaints Handling Policy (pdf)
  24. College Rules (pdf)
  25. Student Details Policy (pdf)

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