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The School Focus

About Clarendon

Throughout a student’s time at Ballarat Clarendon College our focus is to maximise their competence, skills and capacity so that, at the end of their time at the school, when they stand on the threshold of their future, they can choose their heart’s desire.

The focal point of the school is the student. We recognise that, in order to make informed choices, all students require excellent teaching and learning, inspiring ideas and thinking, and exposure to a breadth of experiences. Challenges and failure are part of life and offer opportunities to learn. High expectations exist for every person in the community. It is expected that every student can learn and will learn. In order for this to happen, there are equally high expectations for staff.

Therefore, school is focused on learning as its prime mission – learning in all contexts. The environment is one where it is safe to learn. Indeed, learning is the main game, but not mutually exclusive from having fun.

The school works closely in partnership with parents and home, recognising the potential of alignment of values and attitudes within the community, particularly to do with learning. Parents are regarded as close and critical partners.

We help students discover who they are, who they want to be and how to get there.