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Teaching and Learning

About Clarendon

Inspiring and exceptional

We value learning as the key attribute of developed individuals and communities. Everyone at Ballarat Clarendon College is a learner. We know that learning happens when goals can be clearly articulated, assessment is accurate and insightful, and interventions occur when progress is not being made. Both staff and students require accurate, immediate and continuous feedback, to develop their expertise as learners and teachers.

Our prime function is to prepare young people for independent and informed participation in the global community. As such, reaching a necessary level of competency in core life skills such as literacy, numeracy and communication becomes an issue of equity. Authentic learning can also involve conflict and problem resolution. These are essential for students to develop their core values, beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and understanding of themselves as a learner, which are critical to the development of an independent individual capable of ethical decision making.

Excellent practice

In order for students to make optimum progress, the most important resource is the quality of teaching. Ballarat Clarendon College subscribes to this belief and is committed to continuous improvement in teaching practice. In order to deliver on this commitment, significant resources are allocated to both maintaining a high standard of practice and to the identification and implementation of teaching approaches proven to be the most effective, as evidenced by student learning outcomes.

Teaching staff demonstrate commitment to continuous professional learning in a number of ways.

  • It is a condition of employment that teaching staff are involved in the sharing of effective practice and collaboration for improved outcomes for all students.
  • They participate in a program of classroom observation.
  • They self-assess teaching practice and engage in ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of curriculum and teaching approaches through internal and external assessments of student progress, especially in critical areas of learning.

The professional learning program concentrates on instruction and student outcomes, and provides opportunities for inquiry, collaboration, feedback and connections to external expertise and research.

Democratic principles

As a school, Ballarat Clarendon College is committed to the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

  1. elected government; and
  2. the rule of law; and
  3. equal rights for all before the law; and
  4. freedom of religion; and
  5. freedom of speech and association; and
  6. the values of openness and tolerance.