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Academic Outcomes

About Clarendon

We believe in the potential of every student to learn and make progress, provided they receive the appropriate instruction.  Two widely accepted external measures, NAPLAN and VCE, reflect the ongoing progress that has been made.

2018 VCE Results

Top non-government schools

School Median study score
Bialik College 38
Huntingtower School 37
Ruyton Girls’ School 37
Ballarat Clarendon College 36
Camberwell Anglican Girls Grammar School 36
Fintona Girls School 36
Haileybury Girls College 36
Korowa Anglican Girls’ School 36
Loreto Mandeville Hall 36
Melbourne Grammar School 36
Methodist Ladies College 36
Mount Scopus Memorial College 36
Presbyterian Ladies’ College 36
Sacre Coeur 36
St Kevin’s College 36


Top rural and regional schools

School Median study score % study scores of 40 and above
Ballarat Clarendon College 36 27.5
Goulburn Valley Grammar School 34 22
The Geelong College 33 15.2
St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School 33 12.7
Braemar College 33 12.4
Ballarat Grammar 32 12.4
Girton Grammar School 32 11.6
The Hamilton & Alexandra College 32 9.6
Christian College Institute 32 7.8

At Ballarat Clarendon College, our attention is on our mission – what we say we do: our focus is to maximise a student’s competence, skills and capacity so that, at the end of their time at school, when they stand on the threshold of their future, they can choose their heart’s desire. We celebrate the successes of our 159-strong Year 12 cohort, 101 of whom achieved a university entrance score over 80 putting them in the top 20% of the country and 36 of these students achieved in the top 5%, an ATAR over 95. Our Dux is Jack Tuohey with an ATAR of 99.75.

And each of these young adults stands on the threshold of their future, their next steps will see them move closer to their heart’s desire – whatever that personal goal, dream or aspiration may be. Within our diverse group of Year 12 students we have aspiring engineers, industrial designers, health professionals, architects, marine biologists, dancers, military personnel, fashion designers, singers, educators, make-up artists, software developers and musicians.

These students have cause to celebrate. The Class of 2018 has achieved results that reflect their determination and their effort. The outcomes also reflect the commitment of the team involved in supporting, guiding and caring for them. Congratulations to our students, their families and staff. During their time at Clarendon, these students have undertaken a variety of community and creative pursuits that have enriched their lives and, more importantly, the lives of others.

The achievements of Clarendon students are cause for celebration. Excellence is not an inconvenience and striving for excellence, being ambitious and wanting to achieve, should be embraced. In the words of Franklin D Roosevelt, ‘Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.’ And our Year 12 students have much to be happy about.

So let’s celebrate the dedication of all VCE students. They have worked hard to grapple with difficult ideas and they have developed interests that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Moreover, their efforts will benefit all in our community by driving innovation for the future as knowledgeable adults in a knowledge economy.


For the fourth year in a row, Ballarat Clarendon College has been recognised by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), the peak independent statutory authority, as one of only 330 of the nation’s schools that made ‘substantially above average gains’ with its students as they progressed from Years 3 to 5; Years 5 to 7 and Years 7 to 9.

We received the following from Robert Randall the CEO of ACARA:

I am pleased to advise that ACARA has identified your school as having demonstrated substantially above average gain in reading and/or numeracy achievement, as measured by NAPLAN.

On behalf of ACARA, I would like to extend my congratulations to you and your school community on this achievement. Improvement in student literacy and/or numeracy of this magnitude, as measured by NAPLAN, is significant and worthy of highlighting and acknowledging.

Ballarat Clarendon College focuses on the optimal progress of every student in every curriculum area and it is gratifying for all in our community that we are publicly acknowledged for delivering on our goal.

This achievement provides me with the opportunity to reiterate our focus and reinforce the values that underpin a Clarendon education.

Every interaction – whether in a classroom, in the playground, or at recess – is an opportunity for learning. At Clarendon, we focus on the learning and the progress of every young person. As an open-entry school, we do not require students to sit an entrance exam or demonstrate minimum standards. That we are both high performing as well as high gain, as measured by NAPLAN, is evidence of our robust curriculum, our commitment to evidence-based instructional practices and our steadfast belief that each student is unique and of infinite potential.