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International Study Tours

What Our Students Do

Thai Exchange Program

In Year 8, students can participate in an exchange with the Harrow International School in Bangkok, Thailand.  The focus is on cultural understanding and awareness.  They spend three weeks staying with a Thai family and attending school with their exchange partner. Each year, in reciprocation, our students host Thai students for a similar period in Ballarat.

Japanese and German Educational and Cultural Program

Every second year, students in senior Japanese and German have the opportunity to participate in educational and cultural programs with a Japanese school and the Gymnasium Tutzing, in Bavaria, Germany. These reciprocated programs have been operating for many years and provide our students with the opportunity to live with a Japanese or German family, attend school with their student partner, and to travel to and within Japan or Germany. Many long term friendships have been established through these programs, and the students gain valuable immersion in a non-English speaking environment, which is invaluable for their future VCE studies.

US Study Tour

In 2016, for the first time, students in Year 10 and Year 11 have the opportunity to travel to Boston and participate in the Summer Challenge program, a two-week academic intensive at Boston University. Students will live in residence at the University and undertake studies ranging from The Chemistry of Medicine, Business: From the Ground Up and Infectious Diseases to Journalism, Abnormal Psychology and Nutrition. Students will have the opportunity to explore the historic city of Boston and visit our established academic contacts at both Harvard and the Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology. Following their summer school experience, students will travel to New York to visit selected faculties at New York University and Columbia as well as the 9/11 Museum and Memorial, the Museum of Modern Art and One World Tower. The US Study Tour culminates with five days in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Students attend sessions with academics at Berkeley and Stanford and meet old Collegians and entrepreneurs when visiting centres of innovation, such as the headquarters of Google, eBay, PayPal and Tesla. Combining the very best of our Boston and San Francisco Tours ensures that our students are challenged in their thinking as they consider post-secondary educational options and determine undergraduate and post-graduate pathways. There’s also time to catch a Broadway show, visit the iconic Statue of Liberty, see a baseball game and explore Alcatraz.

UK Study Tour

In June 2016, students will be leaving for a study tour of Cambridge and London aimed at broadening outlooks and expanding horizons. First stop will The Telegraph Festival of Education at Wellington College. This is a prestigious event where the student program features a series of workshops on The Enlightenment. Speakers include the philosopher A. C. Grayling. From there, we will move on to London where we will take in some historical and cultural sites such as The Tower of London, and visit museums, businesses and organisations such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists. After this, we will travel to Cambridge and visit the university. We will take in the museum of computing, punt along the river Cam and have discussions and tours with staff from the various faculties, including the veterinarian school. We will also find time to play Frisbee on one of Cambridge’s greens. Just before we head back to Australia, we will take in the medieval castle at Warwick and contemplate the fate of those whom the Earl of Warwick locked in his dungeon.

Papua New Guinea Program

Over a number of years students from Clarendon have been travelling to the Milne Bay region of PNG for a unique experience. We travel with local doctors who carry out clinics in remote villages often so isolated that they can only be accessed by boat.  Our students spend time living with the local people in the villages and teaching English.  A significant aspect of this experience is fundraising including collecting clothing, equipment and supplying medical supplies for the students to take to PNG. We have a strong connection with a local hospital where we have contributed to providing a running water system.

World Scholar’s Cup

World Scholar’s Cup is an international enrichment program which brings together thousands of students from more than 40 countries in a celebration of learning. The interdisciplinary tournament includes debating, essay writing, a team quiz and an individual exam, all of which test the students on a range of challenging and enriching material they have studied in the lead-up to the competition. In addition to the academic challenges, students have the chance to get to know their peers from around the globe through a variety of social activities. They compete in a scavenger hunt (where each of the twelve members working together is from a different country), represent Australia at the cultural fair and attend a formal ball. They also have the chance the explore the host country – Malaysia in 2015 and Thailand in 2016.