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Donor Charter


By giving to Ballarat Clarendon College our donors have made a commitment to help support the continued success of the school. In return, we have made a commitment to our donors; to honour their wishes, maintain good relationships and use their gift(s) responsibly.

Our Promise to Donors:

  • acknowledge your gift promptly and appropriately
  • ensure that your donation is directed to the project of your choice
  • ensure unrestricted donations are used in a responsible manner which best fits the priorities of the school
  • be happy to discuss your plans and give a school’s perspective before you give
  • ensure that your right to privacy and request for anonymity are respected
  • provide updates on how your gift has impacted our students

Ways in which we can recognise your commitment to Ballarat Clarendon College;

  • by publishing an annual list of donors in Ringaroo, while respecting requests for anonymity.
  • by supporters receiving regular updates on the project’s success, including photos and personal invitations to events.
  • by considering marking major gifts in more specific ways, such as offering our donors the opportunity to name a room, building or project

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